Grant Guidelines


The James Foundation’s Mission

The James Foundation, Inc. believes that by serving as civic stewards, quality of life will be enriched acting as a catalyst to undertakings that strengthen both families and community.  By enhancing existing social platforms and providing new educational and cultural opportunities, citizens will be empowered and inspired to initiate and cultivate positive change in all life experiences, nourishing vitality across the community.

Grant Giving Focus:

The James Foundation strives to enhance the quality of life in Indiana, and other areas of interest to the Foundation, by focusing on the following special interests:




The James Foundation is continually testing new ideas and pushing boundaries of the current concept of operations, searching for new grant opportunities to be funded that explore thought provoking and motivation projects with benevolent intent.

Eligibility and Types of Support

The James Foundation primarily makes grants to charitable organizations that have been recognized by the IRS as being descripts as Section 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations based in the United States.

The James Foundation has a goal of encouraging educational opportunities for youth graduating from DeKalb High School by offering three scholarships to graduating seniors.

Unfortunately, we must decline numerous worthy proposals each year because they do not fit in the Foundation’s grant giving focus or mission.  This is not a reflection on the merit of the proposal and project. The Foundation will do its best to help recommend suitable funding alternatives.

Ineligible Requests

The Foundation will not consider grants for the following types of activities or entities:

  • Organizations that discriminate in either policy or practice against people because of their age, race, national origin, ethnicity, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • Lobbying or Political Elections
  • Individual requests for personal loans
  • For-Profit business related financial needs

Application Procedures

The Foundation approaches the grant process in two stages:  Letter of Interest (LOI) and Full Proposals.  Grant Partners must first submit a LOI through the application that best describes the dollar amount being requested.  This application will give the Foundation basic information about your organization’s need and project you are seeking a funding partner to complete.  The LOI will be reviewed by Foundation staff and if the program fits the Foundation’s mission and gifting focus, your organization will be given guidelines to submit a full proposal.  Full Proposals from grant partners will be presented to the Foundation’s Grant Committee and a decision about the grant will be presented to grant seekers within a timely manner.

Grant Partners are asked to adhere to the application process as attempts to bypass the process may affect the outcome of the request.  Although the Foundation is managed by family and community members, we ask that you please respect the privacy of each of these people and not approach family members personally regarding your submittal.

The Foundation believes it is important to evaluate how its Grant Partners meets its goals with successful grant applications.  Foundation representatives visit each recipient as a measure of accountability and support.  A final report will be required for every successful grant.

Questions or Concerns about Grant

The James Foundation is available to answer your questions or concerns about applying for a grant.

To begin an application, check the status of, or update your application contact Kendra Klink.

Please contact Kendra Klink, Executive Director at or via phone at (260) 333-0068.